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Would you like to learn to play harmonica? Here’s a free course for you (normally $75). This is a FREE ‘2-minutes a day’ course over one month. So you can learn the basics in one month. Check it out before the offer expires any day now.

Life seems to have given me a mission – to play the harmonica, and encourage others to play the harmonica. I recently got the top job in the UK harmonica community – Chairman of the National Harmonica League – so now you need an appointment to talk to me!

But it’s not all to do with the harmonica, I do other things as well, like posing for cheesy photographs wearing barbed wire shirts, playing trumpet, didgeridoo, khaen, jaws harp, bodhran…

*HARMONICA HOTLINE 07973 284 366 – If you have any harmonica related questions you can call me. This UK number is available whenever I’m free so try UK office hours.

Email me: benhewlett@me.com

Or Facebook messenger https://www.facebook.com/benjaminhewlett

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